The Goonies House


HEY YOU GUYYYS! The Goonies House is where the chase for One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure all started. Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, Data and Brand were playing around when they decided to go up into Mr. & Mrs. Walsh’s attic to snoop around. After stumbling upon a treasure map which was discovered inside of a glass frame that Chunk accidentally dropped, the Goonies were determined to find the treasure and bail their parents out of foreclosure.

If you loved the Goonies movie as a kid, you’ll definitely want to make the pilgrimage to Astoria, Oregon to see the Goonies House. Built in 1896, the Goonies House sits atop a picturesque bluff which has incredible panoramic views of the Columbia River which feeds right into the Pacific Ocean.

Please do NOT drive up the driveway to the Goonies house and instead park in the designated parking areas a few blocks away near John Jacob Astor Elementary or in public parking lots. Please use the sidewalks and walk up to the Goonies house. This will make our neighbors happy and we would very much appreciate it. Thank you everyone! #Gooniesneversaydie

Now offering long-term rentals (31+ days). If you would like to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay at the one and only Goonies House, please contact us at for more information.

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The Goonies House Then

The Goonies House Today

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